The Root Chakra

I have the right to be here and to have.


Welcome to the Root

The Root Chakra being located at the base of the spine is like your spiritual power generator. If it's not healthy you'll have less energy in the other 6 centers above it to power an amazing life. It is a masculine chakra, projecting energy down, establishing your physical presence in the world. It is associated with the color red and with the adrenal glands. 

The Root Chakra is all about empowerment and taking responsibility for your life. If you are caught in a cycle of victimhood, you need to shift this mentality in order to build a strong root. 

The Root Chakra feeds the Sacral Chakra and people who embody the root chakra are often times found to be "sexy" as they eminate a sense of power and confidence. This is also the chakra where early childhood trauma is stored. Blocks in the Root Chakra will contribute to things like lower sex drive, low energy in the mornings, depression, emotions like fear, worry and anxiety, poor work ethic, feeling unsafe, having a hard time being in your physical body, having no sense of time, and struggling with saying no to others, defining boundaries and cutting yourself off from influences that are not good for you. 

Freedom is also highly associated with the root. When you are addicted to control, the Root Chakra will shut down. The focus here should be on letting go of thinking and the need to plan. Instead, focus on being Right Here/ Right Now. 

Signs of a Strong Root

Feeling energetic, grounded, safe and strong, working hard for what you are here to do, not being afraid of some conflict/ ability to get after what you want, having clear boundaries, and taking accountability for your life.

But, if your Root Chakra is TOO blown open, you will be prone to anger and resentment, controlling and domineering, dominant in relationships to a fault, and oppressive. You can work on the upper chakras to dial that back in. 


To further contribute to the success of our sessions I would like you to write your intentions regarding your root chakra. It can be short or long. You may or may not share it with me but please bring it with you so that you can have it during your session and really imprint those intentions. The goal is to create more consciousness and to process what we will be working on each session to come.

How to Strengthen your Root

Connect with the Root Chakra - Try this Yoga Pose - Warrior 1 

Connect with the Root Chakra - Try this Yoga Pose - Warrior 1 

  1. Exercise more: Get to the gym, run, lift weights, practice yoga. Squats are especially awesome for the root.
  2. Get real and work your butt off: Up your work ethic and take care of your basic financial needs. Putting in the effort will build up your confidence.
  3. Surround yourself with more people with a strong Root Chakra.
  4. Take care of your physical body: get a massage, nurture yourself, take an epsom salt bath, have alone time, and stretch your body.

Root Chakra Affirmations/ Mantras

  • I have the power to create what I want in life
  • I don't make excuses, I get results
  • I am safe
  • I am a hard worker and I apply myself to my goals
  • I never fail because I wan't willing to put in the effort
  • I am free and no-one can stop my independence

LAM — Root Chakra

The cleansing mantra chanted for your Root Chakra, which keeps us grounded and linked to the earth. Chanting this mantra will cleanse impurities that can collect in the root chakra – literally opening you up to feelings of security, prosperity and belonging – and clearing any blocked energy that is being prevented from moving through to the other six main energy centers. Chant “LAM” if your energy is low, you struggle financially, you suffer from low self-esteem and you suffer from adrenal fatigue and other stress-related ailments.

3 Powerful Root Chakra Meditations: 1 Hour/ 3 Hour / Sleep